This is the big one



It's 2001 in post 9/11 NYC, the music is great, the clothes are great, the drugs are great. All hell has been breakin' loose for Ron Allen a little too long.

In the Lower East Side Ron and his best friends created a world. It was a world of excess and possibility, eating, sleeping, dreaming and waking, days spilling into nights, it was all consuming, every last moment. Fucking, experimenting and living, nothing could stop them. They were invincible. Until one night in the climax of possibility the party stopped and the lights came on.

This is the big one.

A story about the invincibility of youth, freedom, chaos and the repercussions of what can occur when anything can happen. You're either living or dying.


Productions Notes

Endorphin Films

Written By Rob Andersohn and Jon Deitcher
In Development