Long gone day



Inspired by true events, Long Gone Day is the story of Christian Locke, a young rockstar who was on the verge of superstardom, then he disappeared.

A year since his bands last tour, Christian no longer opens his door. Phone calls are ignored. Messages are not returned. Isolated in his loft, Christian hides from the outside world. Despite his childhood dreams of stardom, he now spends his days getting high and remembering Layna, the girl who left him as his addiction spiraled out of control. Determined to get her back Christian finally vows to overcome his demons. But as he soon discovers, while drugs can be addictive, fame can be even worse.

Caught between his dreams of musical immortality and the simple happiness he's found in his girlfriend Layna, Christian is on the verge of losing it all. But just when the memories of his past catch up to him on his journey towards recovery, a dark secret is discovered that casts doubt over everything we believed to be real along the way.

Productions Notes

Endorphin Films & FAT Productions
Feature, HD

Executive Producers Soto Katakos
Tommy Groszman

Producers Tommy Groszman
Natalino Lattanzio

Director Jon Deitcher

Writer Michael Penning

Story Jon Deitcher
Michael Penning

Editor Geoff Klein

Original Score Nash

Cast Christian: Tim Rozon
Layna: Cindy Sampson
Jake: Morgan Kelly
Richter: Paul Amos
Vincent: David Schapp