Close Up!


After sitting around the office reading about all the bad shit happening in the world; economic crises [this is the correct spelling of crisis in plural, just looked it up], wars, natural disasters... we started thinking it's not all bad right? There's a lot of things out there making us happy: music, movies, arts, and general good vibes folk. So we decided to set out on this journey to find the people that are behind all this greatness.

We traveled from the Alps to the Med, a fashion show at a huge, majestic palace in Barcelona to bullet-riddled Parisian suburbs, a stuffy laboratory in London to crazy and well, liberal clubs in Berlin and Amsterdam . We lived in these people's lives and in the end, got swept up in how magnetic they were. These people in their own way, whether big or small, are making shit better by doing their own thing. We like that and want to show that to you...

Welcome to Close Up!

Productions Notes

Vice Scandinavia
Episodic web series

Executive Producer Mathias Rosenqvist

Producers Robert Andersohn
Ivar Berglin

Camera/editing Jon Deitcher